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Located in Plymouth, Devon, C&C Family Law was established as a specialist practice in 2007 by accredited family lawyers Celia Charlton and Samantha Cook

We provide advice on all aspects of family law, including divorce, children, prenuptial agreements and collaborative law.

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Archive for November, 2014

With only 36 sleeps to Christmas, here are a few tips to help try to agree the best arrangements for your children over the holidays. Communication: It’s important to remember that, whatever you might think about your ex-partner, in most families, children benefit from having the chance to enjoy a relationship with both their parents.  [ Read More ]

A Government scheme, effective from 3 November 2014, means a single family mediation session can be had free for both people even if only one of them qualifies for legal aid. Previously, there was an imbalance if only person was entitled to legal aid because the other person had to pay. This initiative has been brought in  [ Read More ]

When you split from a former partner with whom you have children, you have an ongoing obligation to provide financial support for your children.  Most non-resident parents make payments but about 13% of non-resident parents fail to comply. The CSA and Child Maintenance Service have a number of enforcement options available to make sure that  [ Read More ]

As we have mentioned before, CAFCASS, the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service, assist the Courts in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children involved in Court cases. An important aspect of the role of CAFCASS is to monitor the number of Court cases involving children which are being started. CAFCASS have looked  [ Read More ]