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Located in Plymouth, Devon, C&C Family Law was established as a specialist practice in 2007 by accredited family lawyers Celia Charlton and Samantha Cook

We provide advice on all aspects of family law, including divorce, children, prenuptial agreements and collaborative law.

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Archive for the ‘Collaborative Law’ Category

We are proud members of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.   Resolution membership is about the approach we take to our work. This means that as Resolution members, we will always seek to reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation,  [ Read More ]

The charity Citizens Advice has commissioned research into people who choose to go to Court without a lawyer and found the negative impact of choosing this route. The findings show that 70% who have been through the family court process without representation later said that using a legal professional would have benefitted their court experience.  [ Read More ]

The Ipswich Building Society has eased its approach to divorcees who are seeking a mortgage based on income which includes an element of child maintenance. The Building Society announced that 100% of income from child maintenance taken into account when assessing affordability, provided it is supported by the Child Support Agency or court order and  [ Read More ]

The aim of mediation is not to try to rescue a failing relationship. The mediator’s role is to provide independent, professionally support to help you and your ex work towards an agreement about issues like the arrangements for your children or sorting out what to do about financial issues like what to do with your  [ Read More ]

A recent study carried out by academics at the Universities of Warwick and Reading has found no evidence to support a commonly held view that family courts in England and Wales discriminate against fathers. The study gathered information by looking at a large number of cases which were dealt with in 2011. The finding was  [ Read More ]

In a recent report, some helpful guidance has been given to parents by Sir James Munby who is President of the Family Division of the High Court of England and Wales. The case involved a mum whose teenage daughters said they did not want to see their dad. Sir James pointed out that, where children  [ Read More ]

Relate has commented on a recent study carried out by Duke University in the US which has identified a potential a link between heart attacks and relationship problems. Relate’s Public Affairs and Campaigns Manager has responded: “This research adds to a growing body of evidence highlighting the strong link between health and relationships. This is  [ Read More ]

As the weather gets better, it is a good time for separated and divorced parents to start thinking about summer holidays to make sure that the arrangements which are put in place reflect the needs of the whole family and the best interests of children. It is important to remember, whatever you think about your  [ Read More ]

Jo Edwards, the Chair of Resolution this week summed up the positive approach taken by Resolution members to relationship breakdowns: “While Resolution supports getting marriage right and advocates marriage counselling where there are marital difficulties, we encourage getting divorce right where the marriage is unsalvageable”. She added: ‘Whether we like it or not, sometimes parents  [ Read More ]

With only 36 sleeps to Christmas, here are a few tips to help try to agree the best arrangements for your children over the holidays. Communication: It’s important to remember that, whatever you might think about your ex-partner, in most families, children benefit from having the chance to enjoy a relationship with both their parents.  [ Read More ]