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Located in Plymouth, Devon, C&C Family Law was established as a specialist practice in 2007 by accredited family lawyers Celia Charlton and Samantha Cook

We provide advice on all aspects of family law, including divorce, children, prenuptial agreements and collaborative law.

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Archive for the ‘Pensions’ Category

Lord Wilson signalled his support for increasing the importance of pre-nuptial contracts, suggesting that couples should be allowed to fairly and properly agree what should happen if they split up in the future without the risk of the court interfering. He felt it was patronising not to give couples this authority over their own assets.  [ Read More ]

We are proud members of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.   Resolution membership is about the approach we take to our work. This means that as Resolution members, we will always seek to reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation,  [ Read More ]

The aim of mediation is not to try to rescue a failing relationship. The mediator’s role is to provide independent, professionally support to help you and your ex work towards an agreement about issues like the arrangements for your children or sorting out what to do about financial issues like what to do with your  [ Read More ]

Baroness Hale of Richmond, one of Britain’s most senior judges, has a long commitment to seeking no fault divorce. In a recent article she has again called for a change in the law aimed at taking the bitterness out of divorce. In England and Wales, about 40% of marriages are not expected to reach a  [ Read More ]

The Supreme Court has allowed a former wife to pursue a financial claim against her ex-husband eighteen years after they divorced. This ruling underlines the fact that decree absolute in divorce proceedings does not ‘close the door’ on financial claims being made by a former spouse. If your marriage is ending, you still need to  [ Read More ]

Feb 24

Get a job!

The Court of appeal has ruled that a former wife cannot expect to be ‘supported for life’ at the expense of her ex-husband. The wife is a former legal secretary.  The husband is an equine vet. The couple married in 1997, separated in 2006 and divorced in 2008.  They have two children, the youngest of  [ Read More ]

A Government scheme, effective from 3 November 2014, means a single family mediation session can be had free for both people even if only one of them qualifies for legal aid. Previously, there was an imbalance if only person was entitled to legal aid because the other person had to pay. This initiative has been brought in  [ Read More ]

A recent pension sharing study carried out by Hilary Woodward of Cardiff Law School, with Mark Sefton, has concluded that pension sharing is still an under used resource in sorting out finances on divorce The study concludes: ‘Pensions are not seen as a particularly sexy subject, and the public do not appear to be turned  [ Read More ]

Mar 13

Good practice

As Vicky Pryce and her former husband both begin eight month sentences for perverting the course of justice, we are given an opportunity to reflect on how different reactions to a relationship breakdown can have huge ramifications. When a relationship breaks down, the results are likely to be emotive and challenging, not only for the  [ Read More ]